[Singapore] What are the CarouBiz tools and how do I use them?

If you've subscribed to CarouBiz, here's a guide on how to use the tools that you've unlocked! 

1. Video Listings

In a sea of static photo listings, moving video listings immediately capture the attention of buyers. This is why video listings get up to 3 times more clicks and 50% more chats! You're entitled to 3 Video Listings when you subscribe to CarouBiz. 


How do I create a Video Listing?

a. Creating a Video Listing

Just like how you create a regular listing, simply tap on the 'Sell' button and you'll be able to select videos from your photo gallery.

b. Adding a video to your existing listing

If you would like to add a video to your existing listing, simply tap on 'Edit listing' (Go to the listing > tap on '•••' at the top right-hand corner). You'll then be able to add a video to your listing.  

How long can the video be?

Your video duration can be up to a maximum of 1 minute. We recommend keeping your videos to below 30 seconds, to keep it short and sweet for the viewer!

What is the optimum aspect ratio of the video?

The optimum aspect ratio of the video is 1:1.

What is the maximum file size for the videos?

You can upload up to a file size of 50MB for the video. We recommend keeping your videos to small file size (shorter video = smaller file size) so that it will load faster for the viewer!

What is the recommended file type for videos?

We recommend using file types Mp4 and Mov for a smooth uploading process. 

2. Custom Collections

Custom Collections are like folders on your profile, for you to showcase your promotions, new arrivals, best sellers and more! You're entitled to 3 Custom Collections when you subscribe to CarouBiz. 


How do I create Custom Collections?

After subscribing to CarouBiz, you will see 'Create a collection' button on your own profile page. Tap on that button and you'll be able to start curating your own collection. 

Why do I not see my Custom Collection live on my profile page?

Custom Collections can either be in 'Draft' or 'Active' status. Ensure that you have marked the Collection as 'Active', and they will be viewable by others when they come to your profile page. 'Draft' Collections are not live and they are not viewable by others.

Can I re-order my Collections?

At the moment, it's not possible to rearrange them. You may edit the collection as a way to move it up for now! 

Can I choose which listings to be on the cover of the Collection?

It is currently randomised to give your listings some opportunity to surface every now and then, hence it's not possible to choose the listings to be on the cover. 

Can I re-order the listings in the Collection?

Not at the moment, this is a function that we're looking to have in the future!

3. Profile Cover Photo

You can upload Profile Cover Photo on your profile page to help build brand recall and also shout out about your promotions! 


How to upload Cover Photo?

  1. Go to your Profile page ('Me' tab)
  2. The 'Edit' button can be found near the top right-hand corner of your profile page. Tap it and select a Cover Photo you'd like to use. 

What is the best dimension for the Cover Photo?

We recommend using 1500px x 610px size for your Cover Photo. 

4. Premium Seller Badge

Premium Seller Badge is a purple diamond icon that is pinned right on your account’s profile picture. It will be displayed automatically on your profile, once you’re subscribed to CarouBiz.

Having the badge helps you to stand out from the crowd and boosts your credibility as a seller. 


5. Business Analytics 

You'll receive a monthly performance report via email to see an overview of the number of potential buyers reached, leads received and more. Discover insights for business growth such as which listings to promote, trending keywords and more!

When will I receive Business Analytics?

You'll receive it in the first week of the month, in the email you registered Carousell with. If you've previously unsubscribed emails with us and don't receive the Business Analytics, let us know! If you have unsubscribed from CarouBiz, you will not be receiving it. 

Note: CarouBiz Business Analytics and Carousell Rewards Seller Reports are different. 

If you're not receiving the email, check for the following:

  1. Carousell App Settings > Notifications > Select these 3 under Email Notifications:
    • Marketing and promotions 
    • Advertising from our partners 
    • Product updates
  2. Go to Settings > Edit Profile > Under Private Profile, your email address should be correct
  3. Search the term 'CarouBiz Business Analytics' in your email inbox
  4. Check spam/junk/trash folder in your email
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