Photo Tips

Product photos are the first thing that catches the buyer’s attention when they browse the marketplace.  The power to attract a crowd to view your listing on Carousell is in your hands, well literally because you have to take the photos of your item! 
Here are the top tips that would make your listing pretty: 

1. Use the new aspect ratios

Carousell now supports more aspect ratios other than square and you can take advantage of them. What are the supported aspect ratios?
You can now upload following common aspect ratios 
2:1, 1:1, 2:3, 4:2, 3:2 3:4, 3:5 

What does it mean? 

You never have to worry about the photo cropping to the square. You can now use both portrait photos and landscape photos for your listing. 

When should I use portrait and landscape mode?

When you try to take a photo using Carousell app, you get to take portrait and landscape photos by rotating your phone. Use landscape photo size when you want to showcase the photo of a wider listing, like your car or property or a desk. Use Portrait size to take a photo of your dress, iPhone and bags and taller items. 

2. Take multiple photos to showcase your item

Carousell now supports up to 10 photos. Showcase your listing’s different angles, details, defects if any, show item’s box and if you have the original receipt, it will help too! 

  • Take a picture of your product in its natural setting (e.g. if it’s a shoe, show how it looks like on your feet with jeans on)
  • Show buyers how they can use your product (e.g. take a picture of your juicer with fruits in it so buyers immediately know how they can use it)
  • Showcase your item at different angles (e.g. snap the front and back of a t-shirt to show how it looks)
  • Showcase your item’s details, used marks (e.g snap a photo of corners of your phone to showcase it’s usage marks)

3. Keep it simple and in the centre. 

Taking your photos against a simple background is the best way to make your item stand out! You can also use an interesting texture (e.g. wood, marble, concrete) as your backdrop 

  • Use a contrasting background to make your item stand out
  • Don’t distract buyers with unnecessary things in your photo, display what you sell in your cover photo


4. Keep it in Focus

Ensure your photos are perfectly focused to capture every detail. Simply tap and hold (where your item is) to lock the focus on your camera and snap away!

5. Use Good lighting 

Lighting is one of the most critical elements of great product photography.
If you practise and experiment with good lighting, your photos will turn out spectacular.
  • Set up close to your window: For objects small enough to fit in your house, have your window 90 degrees to the left/right to your product.
  • Avoid direct or harsh sunlight: Don’t place your object directly in front of your window or take photos during the noon or you’ll get poorly lit pictures.

6. Don’t use stock photos

Unless your item is a pre-order, avoid using stock images. Buyers would usually want to see the actual condition of your item and request for more photos through chat. By using non-stock photos, you’ll cut down your selling time by half and make your sale that much quicker!

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