[Taiwan] How do I send item from 7-Eleven?

After receiving an offer through Quick Buy, you will have 3 days to tap on "Start Delivery" and a shipping code will be generated. From then, you will have 7 days to complete the following steps in 7-Eleven or else the shipping code will expire.

Note: The listing price does not need to include shipping fee as the system will automatically include NT$60 shipping if buyer is transacting through Quick Buy.

  1. Print out the shipping code

Select “Carousell” in the ibon system, input your shipping code provided in the chat and print out the receipt. Detach the top half of the receipt to insert into the provided plastic slip and paste it on your packaging.

Remember to keep the receipt provided!

  1. Deliver item 

Hand the package over to the 7-Eleven assistant.

  1. Your 7-Eleven will then deliver the item to buyer's selected 7-Eleven

From there, the package will then be shipped to the buyer’s selected 7-Eleven store. This will take about 2 working days.

  1. Buyer collects item

The buyer can then collect item at their preferred 7-Eleven store upon receiving the notification that the item has arrived and ready for collection. The buyer will have 7 days to pick up or else it will be returned back to seller.

Here's an example: If your item costs NT$100, the listing price will reflect as NT$100 and in the process of Quick Buy, shipping fee of NT$60 will automatically be added.

For more information on how 7-Eleven Cash on Delivery works, check out this FAQ!

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