[Taiwan] What is 7-Eleven Cash on Delivery and how does it work?

How does 7-Eleven Cash on Delivery work?

Carousellers in Taiwan will now have the option to use 7-Eleven to transact conveniently! Sellers can ship out their item using 7-Eleven and buyers can then pay with cash upon collection. 

Will there be a shipping fee involved?

Yes, buyer will need to make the payment (price of item and shipping fee NT$60) upon collection.

What is the size and weight limit?

The item should be within 45 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm and no more than 5kg. 

What item cannot be delivered?

  • Cash, Securities, Tickets, Vouchers
  • Fragile goods
  • Vegetables, Fruits and Temperature-Sensitive items
  • Limited non-replicable items, Important documents, Documents type
  • Animals and Plants
  • Medication
  • Precision Instruments, 3C and Valuables
  • Chemical and Liquid
  • Illegally imported items
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Are there any other restrictions that I should be aware of?

The listing price of the item should not be more or equal to NT$20,000 (inclusive of NT$60).

Is 7-Eleven Cash on Delivery available for all categories on Carousell?

This option is not available for listings under Cars, Property, Jobs, Services, Looking for, Preorders or Community category.

How can I track the shipment status?

You will receive a notification with each progress during shipment. The order status will also be shown in the inbox view. Alternatively, you can also enter the shipping code on this website: https://eservice.7-11.com.tw/e-tracking/search.aspx to check out the shipment status.

When can I receive my payment?

Upon the collection of the item, you will be notified and the balance will be reflected in your Wallet on the Carousell app for cash out. For more information, do refer to this FAQ.

What if your buyer doesn’t collect the item?

If buyer doesn’t collect the item within 7 days of its arrival, you'll be notified and the item will be returned to the 7-Eleven you dropped it off at. Upon arrival, if not collected within 7 days, it will then be sent to 7-Eleven Logistics Centre.

Find out more about 7-Eleven delivery policies.

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