Listing Rules


Carousell moderates listings in our marketplace in order to deliver a pleasant and enjoyable experience for our community. Our listing rules are designed to protect the integrity of our marketplace. If you are a seller, it is important that you take note of our listing rules as stipulated below. 

We seek your understanding that any listing that does not comply with our listing rules will be removed from our platform. Users who violate these rules may also be subject to a range of enforcement actions, including restrictions and permanent suspensions to their account. 

Don’t list items or services that are prohibited

People of all ages use Carousell, so let’s keep it clean and safe. Dangerous, inappropriate, or illegal items are prohibited. And humans too - because that’s human trafficking! We don’t want that stuff here. Click here to view the full list of prohibited items.

Don’t list counterfeits or infringing content

At Carousell, we respect the intellectual property rights’ of others. All infringing content will be removed from the platform. Please ensure that you are the rightful owner of all images and content used. You are also responsible for ensuring the authenticity of all items listed under your account. Click here to find out more.

Don’t list duplicates

Help us foster a fair marketplace and make browsing more enjoyable for all our users by listing each item or service only once. Click here to find out more about duplicate listings.

Don’t use irrelevant keywords in your listings

Use only relevant and accurate keywords to describe your products to give our community a better browsing experience on the marketplace.

Price your listings accurately

The price on your listing must reflect the price that you are willing to sell the item or provide the service for. Displaying a fake price on your listing, e.g. $0 or $9999999, is not allowed. 

Categorise your items or services correctly

If you’re unsure of which category to list your item or service, explore the range of categories available in our marketplace to decide on the most appropriate one! Having listings in the right categories allow buyers to discover them easily.

Use relevant image(s) for your listings

The image(s) displayed on your listing must be representative of the item or service you are advertising.

Don’t name and shame

Listings must not be defamatory or contain any content that is offensive or harassing in nature. It must also not contain any personal information about another individual unless prior consent for such use and disclosure has been obtained from the individual. 

Don’t list irrelevant listings into Carousell Groups

Listing irrelevant listings into Carousell Groups is not allowed. Please ensure that your listing is both relevant and compliant with the rules of the Group that you are listing in. (e.g. Do not put a clothing listing in the Japanese Snacks Lovers Group). We will take enforcement action on users spamming or abusing the Carousell Groups.

To learn more about the Carousell culture, check out our Community Guidelines.

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