Listing Rules

It’s Carousell’s mission to inspire everyone in the world to start selling and buying because we believe these simple transactions can create all sorts of possibilities.

To that end, Carousell moderates listings in the marketplace. Our listing rules are designed to protect the integrity of the marketplace, and to create an enjoyable, effective and inspirational environment to buy and sell. As a seller, it is important that you abide by the listing rules as we aim to create an inspired and engaged community.

Listings that do not comply with the listing rules will be removed from our platform. Users who violate these rules may also be subject to a range of enforcement actions, from restrictions to a permanent suspension from the platform.

1. Don’t list prohibited products/services, counterfeits or infringing content

People of all ages use Carousell, so let’s keep it clean and safe. Dangerous, inappropriate, or illegal products are prohibited from our marketplace. 

At Carousell, we also respect the intellectual property rights of others. Any content that infringe on copyrights will be removed from the platform. Please ensure that you are the rightful owner of all images and content used. You are also responsible for ensuring the authenticity of all products listed under your account.

2. Don’t list duplicates

Help us foster a fair marketplace, and keep browsing enjoyable and relevant for everyone by listing each product or service only once. 

Listing the same product in different categories, under different cities in the same country and/or under other accounts are considered duplicate listings

3. Ensure your listings are in the right categories 

Listings should be placed in the category that best describes what is being advertised. If your item falls under more than one category, you should select the most relevant category to post your listing. Having listings in the right categories allow buyers to search and discover them easily.

(Selected countries only) Listing fees are required for selected categories – Jobs, Services, Learning & Enrichment, Cars and Property. Sellers found posting in the wrong category and deemed to intentionally evade listing fees may be subject to a range of enforcement actions, including permanent suspension of the account.

Posting job and service listings outside of the appropriate categories, such as Everything Else, Bulletin Board, and Product categories is not allowed. 

Q: If I have a hybrid listing that includes both a product and a service, should I categorise it under a Product category or Service category? 

A: If the service provided is customisable based on customers’ requirement or requires professional service for most consumers, the hybrid listing would fall under a Service category. Otherwise, it falls under a Product category. 

For example:

  • The following listings will fall under the Service categories: Customisable Blinds, Nail Service, Eyelash Extension, Flooring services
  • The following listings will fall under the Product categories: Second-hand Mattress (with free delivery), Ready-made Furniture (with free installation)

View more examples here

4. Use relevant keywords

Use only relevant and accurate keywords to describe your products/services to create a better browsing experience for all users.

Please refrain from adding keywords that are irrelevant or in large quantities as this would affect the relevancy of buyer's search results.

5. Don’t direct users out of the Carousell platform 

You may embed links to the product’s information on the internet and promote your Carousell listings and stores. You cannot link to other e-commerce or classified platforms.

6. Purely-promotional listings without an intention to sell are not allowed 

Carousell is a marketplace where people come to buy or sell products and services. Every listing for sale should advertise a specific product, job or service. Here are examples of listings that are not allowed on Carousell: 

  • the main purpose of the listing is to promote your brand or your company and not to sell any specific product or service
  • mentioning all products for sale without describing any of the products in specific details
  • ‘like for like’ listings 

If you are interested to advertise your brand on our platform, please contact our team at

7. Use only 1 account for all your transaction purposes

We encourage every Carousell member to maintain one account on the platform. This improves the trust in the community and helps you to be more successful in selling. With longer time on the platform and more positive reviews, it builds trust and confidence from buyers. 

8. Price your listing correctly

The price set on your listing should reflect the price you are willing to sell the product/service at. Displaying a fake or unreasonable price on your listing is not allowed. If you have multiple products in a listing, please include an indicative price or the lowest price that you would accept per transaction. 

9. Use photos that accurately showcase your product or service

The image(s) displayed on your listing must be representative of the product or service you are advertising. You are encouraged to take actual photos of the product or service. 

Do take photos of any defects/ damages of the product so that buyers are fully aware of what they're buying. This helps to build trust with potential buyers, manage expectations on both sides and results in faster and more efficient transactions. Avoid uploading low quality or low-resolution images.

The following images are not allowed on Carousell: 

  • Downloaded from the internet (unless the owner has given you permission)
  • Images uploaded by other users (unless the user has given you permission)
  • Contains content considered to be offensive or provocative in nature, for example, models wearing intimate products such as lingerie and undergarments.

10. Give your listings a succinct title

Titles should describe the product, job or service provided clearly, including basic details about the product advertised. For example, the condition, size, etc. They should not include phone numbers, price, links, and irrelevant keywords

11. Be detailed and accurate in your listing description

Listing descriptions are important in providing key details about your product and/or services. You are encouraged to provide a complete and accurate description. For products, do specify the condition of the product, such as if the product has any defects or flaws. For services, do specify the type of service in details and your terms and conditions. This helps you to build trust with potential buyers, save your time from answering common questions from buyers, and enable faster and more efficient transactions. 

12. User Profile guidelines

Your profile is a space where you are encouraged to share more about yourself, such as your hobbies/interests, and provide information about what you are selling, so other members of the community can get to know you better. Promoting products on your user profile and directing sales out of Carousell in your profile is not allowed on Carousell. For safety and security reasons, we discourage the sharing of personal contact information (phone number, website, email, facebook, and other personal information) in the profile description and profile name.

13. Don’t name and shame

Listings must not be defamatory or contain any content that is offensive or harassing in nature. It must also not contain any personal information about another individual. 

14. Don’t list irrelevant listings into Carousell Groups

Listing irrelevant listings into Carousell Groups is not allowed. Please ensure that your listing is both relevant and compliant with the rules of the Group that you are listing in. (e.g. Do not put a clothing listing in the Japanese Snacks Lovers Group). We will take enforcement action on users spamming or abusing the Carousell Groups.

To learn more about the Carousell culture, check out our Community Guidelines


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