Community Guidelines

As we continue to fill our lives with more meaningful things, remember that we can all make each and every interaction an enjoyable one by being awesome! These Community Guidelines are here to help us understand what it means to be part of our Carousell community. (If you’re using Carousell, we’ll assume that you’re cool with these Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.)

For a better Carousell community, you should:

Be caring

We care about our community, and you should too. Being polite and respectful to one another has never been a bad idea. Ever.

Make the effort

Spend the first few seconds thinking of how you want your listing catch everyone's attention when they scroll past it, we’re not kidding when we say that items with attractive cover photos get more views. Tell us something truthful about your item - a short background story, why you want to sell it, or who you want to sell it to! We want buyers and sellers to connect with one another to fill one another's lives with meaningful experiences. That’s it: 30 seconds of real effort!

Build trust

Leaving reviews for one another is one of the best ways we can help each other; praise Carousellers that have been good to you, let them know if things can be improved next time. The more we know about our community (and ourselves), the better it is for everyone!

Be responsible

Treat others as you would like to be treated. For example, if both parties have already committed to a deal, it wouldn’t be nice to withdraw from it just because someone offered a better deal.

Make an offer and be flexible

Carousell is a place where we find new homes for our items. Let’s keep this goal in mind when arranging the details of a deal

Be smart

When meeting up, arrange to do so in a public space that is convenient and comfortable for both parties, such as shopping mall. Please remember to check that the item is as expected. When mailing, always go for trackable mail! Check out this infographic for tips on selling and buying safely.

Price your listings accurately

The price on your listing must reflect the price that you are willing to sell the item.

Categorise your items or services correctly

If you’re not sure where to list your item or service, explore the range of categories available on our platform to decide on the most appropriate for your item! Having items in the right categories allow buyers to discover them easily.

Keep all deals within Carousell

Refrain from diverting your buyers to transact on another platform. Let’s keep Carouselling simple and easy that way!

Things you shouldn’t do:

We want every Carouseller to feel welcomed in our community. As much as we want to keep things easy for everyone, we’ve got some house rules for you to take note of. Otherwise, your account may be restricted or suspended.

Don’t list items or services that are prohibited

People of all ages use Carousell, so let’s keep it clean and safe. Dangerous, inappropriate, or illegal items are prohibited. And humans too - because that’s human trafficking! We don’t want that stuff here. Click here to view the full list of prohibited items.

Don’t list duplicates

List each item or service only once – no shopper wants to see the same item over and over again! Click here to find out more about duplicate listings.

Don’t use irrelevant keywords

Your Samsung phone listing does not need the words “Apple” or “iPhone” in it. That’s not truthful, and it’s annoying for Carousellers.

Don’t over-promote your items or services

Spamming out messages in chats or in the comments section is not allowed. Please keep the promotion of your item or service to a single listing.

Don’t be creepy

Do not make inappropriate requests or remarks that will make another person uncomfortable.

Don’t be rude

The use of vulgarities is a big no-no on our platform. Again, let’s all try to be nice to one another.

Don’t choose an inappropriate username

Don’t call yourself something that sounds bad when it’s said out loud. You never know who could be reading it.

Don’t list content that infringes on the rights’ of others

At Carousell, we respect the intellectual property rights’ of others and we will remove infringing content from the Carousell platform.

Don’t name and shame

You might find yourself wanting to post a screenshot of the offending account on your profile to blacklist them. However, that might not be the best way to solve a problem. Don’t single out users like this on Carousell as it could be seen as harassment and thus violates our guidelines.

Your experience on Carousell is extremely important to us and we are always here to make it better each step of the way. If you ever encounter an issue with your purchase or a fellow Carouseller, please reach out to us here.

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