How do I buy on Carousell?

Here's a detailed guide on how to buy your first item here on Carousell!

To buy an item, simply select the listing you're interested in, followed by the “Chat” button.

Note: You have to first have a Carousell account. Not sure how to? Check out this article!

In your chat conversation with a Carouseller, you can now start asking the seller more questions about the item, request for more photos, and more on details of how the deal will proceed!

As Carousell is a marketplace for buyers and sellers to connect, we do not interfere with private agreements made between users and leave it up to the users themselves to decide what kind of arrangement suits them best. Here are a few suggestions on how to carry out deals:

  1. Meet-up and cash on delivery
  2. Bank transfer and mailing*
  3. PayPal and mailing*

Once details of the deal have been confirmed and agreed upon both users, and you are sure that you would like to proceed to buy the item, proceed to make an offer to the seller!

To make an offer, simply perform the steps outlined below:

  1. In the chat with the seller, select "Make Offer"
  2. Then, select the price and enter the price agreed upon (if it's not the stated price)
  3. Select "Make Offer"
  4. Select "Submit Offer" to confirm, and you're done!

Upon the seller’s acceptance of your offer, both you and the seller can now leave a feedback for each other to share your transactional experience!

More interested to sell an item instead? Check out our guide on Selling on Carousell.

*Contact your local postal service providers for more information on postage rates

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