What is CarouPay?

Have you ever encountered these thoughts when transacting on Carousell?

  • Why is this item so cheap? Is it too good to be true? Is the seller trustworthy?
  • What if I don't receive my item even after I have paid the seller?
  • What if I send out the item but my buyer does not end up transferring me the money?
  • What if the buyer or the seller backs out from the deal?

Chances are that you probably have, and these thoughts might have even cost you to miss out on the deal of a lifetime or a great money-making opportunity!

Here's where CarouPay comes in! CarouPay is our in-app payment feature that allows instant payment for items bought on Carousell, through credit/debit card or DBS PayLah!.

CarouPay ensures that payment is held by Carousell until both buyer and seller are satisfied with the transaction.

With CarouPay:

  • As a buyer, you no longer have to take risks as your money is held by Carousell until you have received and verified the item*.
  • As a seller, you no longer have to worry about buyers backing out or not paying on time. 

Cut out the "what ifs" and trust CarouPay today!

*Find out more about what CarouPay Protection covers

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