How do I contact the Support Team?

We've made some slight changes to how you can contact our Support team, to ensure that we provide the best customer service to all our users in solving their problems timely and efficiently!

Before you drop us a message with your details, here are examples of issues commonly faced by Carousellers and we encourage you to see if your issue is related to any of the following before writing in a request: 

  1. How do I sign up on Carousell if I'm using a laptop or a desktop?
  2. I did not receive the verification email from Carousell after signing up
  3. I want to deactivate my account but the app is not allowing me to
  4. I'm restricted and I don't know why (check your registered email for an email from us)
  5. I want to find out more about a feature — have you tried searching our Help Centre for the specific feature? :)

If your issue isn't covered above, please don't hesitate to file a ticket with our Support team right here.

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