[Hong Kong] What is CarouBiz (Carousell For Business)?

Carousell for Business (CarouBiz for short) is a subscription to a suite of premium seller tools, designed to help grow businesses. These premium tools allow businesses to showcase their products like a virtual showroom, all within their Carousell profile! 

What features does CarouBiz subscription plan include?

  • Video Listings
    • Video Listings get up to 3 times more clicks and 50% more chats! 
  • Custom Collections
    • Curate collections to showcase your promotions, new arrivals, best sellers and more on your profile! 
  • Profile Cover Photo
    • Upload a cover photo on your profile page to help build brand recall (and also shout out about your promotions!) 
  • Premium Seller Badge
    • A premium seller badge will be pinned to your profile photo
    • Increase your credibility as a seller and stand out from the crowd!
  • Bump Scheduler
    • Select the days you want your listing to be Bumped and the number of Bumps each day

How do I subscribe to CarouBiz? 

Check out this listing for more information. If you wish to contact our sales team, please follow our official Carousell account (@carousell.hkcoins) and leave a message!

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