[Singapore] Carousell Protection for Meet-ups

 With Carousell Protection, you have the flexibility to offer or choose the various options for shipping. Choose between:

  • Meet-up
  • Mailing & Delivery

To enjoy the benefit of Carousell Protection for meet-ups, simply toggle on the meet-up option when editing your listing or listing a new item up for sale. Select your preferred location for a meet-up and you're all set.


Chat with your buyers to schedule a convenient location and time to meet. Once confirmed, meet up with your buyer to deal! 

It is important to note that sellers should only confirm deal if both parties can agree on a meet-up time and place as the deal cannot be cancelled once you have clicked "Confirm deal".



Upon meet-up, please make sure to ask your buyer to check the item before tapping “l have received my item”. 


For sellers: Even if your buyer did not click on 'I have received my item' or forgot to do so, the order will still be automatically completed, 9 days after you've confirmed the deal. Read more about My buyer did not click on 'I have received item'.

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