[Singapore] CarouPay Protection

Receive the item as listed or get your money back!

To ensure our users are fully protected while buying on Carousell, we are now offering CarouPay Protection for all orders that are done through CarouPay. If a CarouPay order is not received*, or the item received is not as listed, an issue can be raised via our Carousell Resolution Centre and receive a refund if eligible.

1. Secure payment

With CarouPay Protection, money is safely held by Carousell until the item is confirmed to be received as listed.

2. Access to Carousell Resolution Centre

With Carousell Resolution Centre, CarouPay buyers and sellers are given a platform to raise and resolve issues with their order. Sellers can offer an exchange or a refund for buyers to accept in order to resolve the issue.

3. Resolution and support

Carousell will assist cases escalated through the Carousell Resolution Centre if both parties are unable to come to an agreement after 5 days. Carousell aims to be fair to both parties, and each matter will be assessed on a case-by-case basis based on evidence provided.

*Carousell may, at its discretion, insure up to S$20 for lost untracked mail. On this note, we strongly encourage users to always opt for tracked delivery for your own peace of mind.

When can l use CarouPay Protection?

In order to be eligible for CarouPay Protection, the following criteria must be met:

  • Order was paid for and delivered using CarouPay 
  • Issue is raised within 48 hours of (the earlier of):
    • Tracking status reflect that item is delivered; or
    • 7 days after the order is dispatched
  • Item does not belong to Carousell’s list of Prohibited Items
  • All communication about the order and issue raised are kept within Carousell

Please note that once the buyer has confirmed that the item has been received, payment will be instantly released to the seller and no further issues can be raised.

What does CarouPay Protection cover?

For meet-up orders, buyers are advised to check the item at the point of meet-up and to ensure that the item received is as listed.

For shipped orders, CarouPay Protection covers the following:

  • Item not received
  • Item not as listed
    • The item is of a different variation, such as size, colour, model or version
    • The item is incomplete or has missing parts
    • The item is damaged or there is one or more undisclosed defect(s)
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