I’m unable to locate "Push Notifications" settings on Carousell

If you're unable to find the Notifications menu of your iOS Settings, this may be due to an issue with your recently updated iOS version. To resolve this issue, perform the following steps on your device:

If you're unable to find Carousell in your Notification Settings:

  1. Delete and reinstall the app
  2. Log back into your Carousell account
  3. You'll be prompted "Receive alerts for chats" - select "Notify me of chats" 
  4. You'll be promoted "Carousell would like to send you notifications" - select "Allow"

After you've received the toggle menu for Push Notifications in your Notifications Settings for Carousell, ensure that the following is checked to ensure you receive notifications on your device:

Check your iPhone's notification settings

  1. Open your iPhone settings
  2. Scroll down and select Carousell
  3. Select Notifications and ensure that "Allow Notifications" is checked
  4. Toggle the options to your preference 
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