What is Bump?

We want to help you sell better! 

Bumps help increase the visibility of your items on the marketplace by bumping them to the top of the Popular (without keywords) and Recent sort. After which, it will behave like a normal listing and be moved down as new listings are added to the marketplace. 


By doing so, Bumps can provide your items with increased exposure. After Bumping your listing, you can compare changes to the visibility of your item through your Listing Insights.

Get your listings noticed now with either a Instant Bump, 3-day Bump or an Urgent Bump!


Where to buy Bumps?

There are two ways in which you can buy Bumps! 

1) Choose a listing you want to purchase you want to Bump for 

2) Click "Promote" under listing in the profile tab OR in the listing details page, there is also a "Promote" button (as seen in the image above)

3) Select a Bump and you are good to go!

What is a Instant Bump?

An Instant Bump will bump your listing instantaneously and can be purchased multiple times without restriction. 

What is a 3-day Bump?

A 3-day Bump will bump your listing 3 times over 3 consecutive days. 

For example, a Bump purchased on 7 pm on a Wednesday will be bumped again at 7 pm on Thursday, followed by 7 pm on Friday. Find out more here.

What is a Urgent Bump?

An Urgent Bump will Bump your listing 6 times over 3 consecutive days (i.e. twice a day). The      2nd Bump of the day will take place 3 hours after the 1st! Find out more here.

What happens when I reserve my listing mid 3-day Bump?

Subsequent Bumps will still take place as scheduled, however, the reserved listing will not be searchable in the marketplace.

Once unreserved, the listing will be positioned where it would be as if it was bumped on schedule. 

How long will a Bump last?

A Bump is an instant effect that brings your item to the top of the marketplace. After which, it will behave like a normal listing and be moved down as new listings are added.

For users who are affected by the update in algorithm, the Bump effect may vary. Find out more here.

How do I know if my listing is Bumped? 

You can check if your listing has been Bumped either through the listing itself or through the Listing Insights.

Do Bumps guarantee a sale? 

Bumps provide your listings with more visibility. However, we cannot guarantee that a Bump will lead to a like, chat or offer. To make sure you get the most out of Bumps, use them on good-quality listings.

I can’t Bump my listing!

Have an issue with Bumps? Write to us with your username and the title of the listing you’d like to Bump here.

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