Community Guidelines (Tagalog)

These Community Guidelines are here to help us all understand what it means to be part of our Carousell community. As we continue to fill our lives with more meaningful things, remember that we can all make each and every deal a meaningful one by being awesome!
At Carousell, we want everyone to:
Be Caring
We care about our community, and that includes caring about how you care for it too! Always remember to be polite and to respect one another in your interactions as we continue to declutter our lives. 
Make the effort
In 30 seconds. Spend the first few seconds beautifying your cover photo - we’re not kidding when we say that the more attractive a cover photo is, the more views the listing gets! Then, think of a price that buyers just can’t refuse. Finally, tell us a (truthful) thing or two about your item before you post your listing. That’s it: 30 seconds of real effort.
Build Trust
Develop a reputation that will pleasantly surprise prospective buyers, and not otherwise. Every deal is a chance for us to make a new friend, and supporter!
Take Responsibility. Be Responsible
Be responsible for your actions and treat others as you would like to be treated. If both parties have already committed to dealing, it wouldn’t be nice to withdraw from it (and not because someone offered a better deal!)
Make an offer, not a challenge
Everyone loves a willing buyer, and likewise a willing seller. 
Stay safe
If you're meeting up, arrange to meet in a public place both parties will not be alone - such as the train station. If you opt for mailing instead, always remember to check, check, and check.
Choose an appropriate username
Don’t intentionally call yourself something that sounds bad when it’s said out loud.
Don't give yourself a bad name – literally.

List your items/services in the right category
Before you list, do explore the range of categories available on our platform to decide on the most suitable category for your item! Having items in the right categories create an enjoyable browsing experience for our users.
What we don’t want you to do:
We want every Carouseller to feel welcomed and to contribute to our community, and as much as we want to keep things free and easy for everyone, we’ve put in place some house rules for everyone to be reminded of. Remember, violating any one of these guidelines may result in the restriction or suspension of your Carousell account. We would also like to share that beyond these guidelines, our Carousell Admin team reserves the right to take enforcement actions on accounts that have deemed to have infringed our Terms of Service (link to ToS).
Don’t list items or services that are prohibited
We're open to individuals of all ages to use, so let's keep Carousell clean and safe that way. Prohibited items on our platform include items that are dangerous, inappropriate, illegal or items that may pose a safety risk to our users. Click here to view the full list of prohibited items (link to prohibited items).
Do not list duplicates
Please list each item or service only once to make everyone’s browsing experience more enjoyable - relisting too much hurts the Carousell community. All users should not have more than one listing of the same item or service. Click here to find out more about what is considered a duplicate listing.
Do not use irrelevant keywords
Please do not add irrelevant tags to the describe your item or service as it adversely affects the experience of our users.

Do not use the platform for promotions
Self-promotion and commercial spam URLs to websites are no-nos - we ask that you keep your interactions and actions on Carousell genuine and meaningful. This applies to listings, chat activities and to all interactions on Carousell. Users who engage in promotional abuse will have their accounts suspended without further notice.
Don’t be creepy
Do not make inappropriate requests or remarks that will make another user uncomfortable.
Don’t list items/services in which the contents are not yours
At Carousell, we respect the intellectual property rights' of others and do not allow infringing content on our platform.
Please don’t blacklist anyone
You might find yourself wanting to post a screenshot of the offending account on your profile to blacklist them. However, that might not be the best way to solve a problem. We do not encourage singling out users like this on Carousell as it could be seen as harassment and thus violates our guidelines. 

Your experience on Carousell is extremely important to us and we are always here to make it better each step of the way. If you ever encounter an issue with your purchase or a fellow Carouseller, please reach out to us at here (link to contact form).

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