[Malaysia] What happens when a dispute is raised?

When a dispute is raised, payment will be held safely until the issue has resolved.

Both the buyer and seller will have 7 days to resolve the issue. Both parties are highly encouraged to communicate via Carousell chat and work out a resolution together. 

If both parties cannot come to a resolution within 7 days, the issue will be automatically escalated to Carousell for review. Carousell may contact you at your registered email for additional information. 

Wish to cancel the issue?
You may cancel the issue anytime by tapping "Cancel issue". For example, you may have raised an issue for not receiving an item but received it later on. In such a case, you may easily cancel the issue. 

chat-crc-open-issue-2-buyer-my.png     chat-crc-cancel-issue-buyer-dialog-buyer-my.png


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