[Malaysia] Carousell Protection is now available for Health & Beauty and Fashion categories!


Deal with Carousell Protection

As a seller, get more visibility and sell quicker when you enable Carousell Protection for your listings.


What is Carousell Protection?

Carousell Protection is a new service provided by Carousell. Sellers can choose to receive payment via Carousell online payment option, and Carousell will hold the payment until the buyer receives the item. In the case of any dispute, Carousell will step in to help.


How to enable Carousell Protection for your listings? 


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Quick guides to help you

How to sell with Carousell Protection

How to verify your identity? 

How to transfer your funds to your bank account?

How to buy with Carousell Protection? 


Too many listings for you to enable Carousell Protection? We can help! Just fill out this form: https://carousellprotection.typeform.com/to/tgXmxN 

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