Paying for your Spotlight campaign

Goodbye to upfront payments! From 26 September 2019, we're changing the way you pay for your Spotlight campaigns. 

What has changed?

Instead of allocating a fixed amount of Carousell Coins to pay for your Spotlight and receiving refunds for unused Coins, sellers can now pay only after clicks get delivered to your listing. Coins will be deducted on a daily basis from your Coin balance when your listing get clicks. All you need is a minimum of 100 Coins in your balance to start a Spotlight campaign! 

If your Spotlight is paused, it could be due to:

  1. The daily Coin limit you have set for your Spotlight campaign has been reached 
  2. Your Coin balance is now under 100 Coins. Please top-up your Carousell Coins and your Spotlight campaign will resume automatically. 


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