What can I do if the user I'm chatting with is under review or restricted?

You may be seeing a banner on your chat with a user that reads, 'This user's account is under review for a dispute.' or 'This user's account is restricted due to an unresolved transaction.'

What does this mean?

  • The seller may have sold an item that a buyer was not satisfied with
  • The user bought an item but did not make payment

What should I do? 

We highly encourage buyers to only proceed with the transaction after the dispute has been resolved. If there is a need for you to continue with the transaction, we advise you to use Carousell Protection or meet up with the seller to deal for a safer transaction. 

If you have a pending transaction (i.e. have already made payment to the seller) and you're unable to get in touch with him/her, please contact our team.

Once the user has resolved the dispute, the banner will no longer show up in your chat with him/her. 

For more information on dealing safely on Carousell, check out our safety tips

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