What are Duplicate Listings?

Duplicate listings are multiple listings of the same product/service and/or products that have no significant differences between them. 

If you have similar listings, make sure to show the differences in all relevant sections of your listing such as the title, description, price, condition, photo, or in the product-specific details.

Listings will be considered duplicate if they appear to be the same product in search results, and have similar entries in title, description, details etc, even if photos used are different. 

Duplicates hinder buyers from finding what they want by causing unnecessary clutter to the marketplace. Please list each product or service only once to make everyone’s browsing experience more enjoyable and relevant.

Examples of duplicate listings:  

  • Listing the same product/service in the same or different accounts
  • Deleting a listing to list the same product/service 
  • Multiple listings of the same product in different size and/or colour (applicable to New products)  
  • Listing the same product/service in multiple categories and/or multiple cities within a country 
  • For Jobs, Services, Travel, Learning & Enrichment Categories: Only listings with exact same title OR same cover images are considered duplicate.
  • For Property Category: Within one account, listings with the exact same price, number of bedrooms and floor areas in a building are considered duplicate. 

Listing of duplicates is not in line with our Listing Rules – Users who list duplicates frequently may have their products removed and enforcement actions taken on their account.

What if I'm in a hurry to sell and would like to get more attention for my products?

If you are in a hurry and need to sell your products urgently, try our Carousell Bumps to get a boost to the top of searches. (Selected countries only)

What if I'm selling more than one of the same product? Can I list it twice?

If you’re selling multiple quantities of the same product, you should not list the same product twice. You are able to accept multiple offers on the same product without marking it as reserved or sold. Click here to learn more.

What if I’m selling a product in different colours and sizes? Can I list it separately? 

You can list them separately if they are pre-loved items or items that have significant differences (eg. defects, configuration).

If your products are new and of the same model, please list them in the same listing. You can include all different colours in the photos, and different sizes in the listing description. 

What if I marked something as sold but I want to sell it again? Can I list it again? 

If you are relisting something recently sold, you'll be prompted to mark your sold listing as available and it will be restored.

What if I deleted something, but I decided to keep selling it? Can I list it again? 

If you are relisting something recently deleted, Carousell will help to restore the previously deleted listing so you may continue selling. For further support, send us a request here.

What if I create a new listing of a product that I have already listed but I've changed some details of this new listing – is that considered a duplicate listing? 

If you list the same product more than once, it will be considered a duplicate and may be taken down and enforcement actions may be taken on your account.

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