Property Boosting and Listing Packages

Bump Feature

Don’t let your ads get buried.

Get your listings noticed now with either an Instant Bump, 3-day Bump or an Urgent Bump!




Property for Sale, Property Rentals

Instant Bump

99 coins

3-day Bump

249 coins

Urgent Bump

399 coins


Spotlight Feature

Spotlight is a promotion tool designed to increase the visibility of your listing on the Carousell marketplace by pinning across browse results.


Cost per Click


Target Daily Clicks

Property for Sale

3 coins
3 - 30 days
20, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140

Property Rentals


Boosting Packages

That is right! Your favorite Ad Boosting Packages are also available in Carousell with better features. VAS packages, also known as Value-Added Services, help sellers get their product to the buyer at the soonest possible time.


Basic Package

VIP Package

Turbo Package

Property for Sale

699 coins

2,249 coins

3,999 coins

Property Rentals

Basic Package contains the following:

  • Bump (2x) (1x every 4 days)
  • Spotlight (up to 25 clicks per day)
  • Good for 7 days

VIP Package contains the following:

  • Bump (5x) (1x every 7 days)
  • Spotlight (up to 25 clicks per day)
  • Good for 30 days

Turbo Package contains the following:

  • Bump (30x) (everyday)
  • Spotlight (up to 35 clicks per day)
  • Good for 30 days


  • The Bump feature on the package cannot be stored and takes effect immediately.


Profile Promotion

Besides promoting your listings using Bumps and Spotlights, with the new Profile Promotion tool, you are able to promote your WHOLE profile. Isn’t that amazing? Do not hesitate to try out this new tool to help your budding business to succeed!





Property for Sale

24,000 coins
56,000 coins
120,000 coins

Property Rentals

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