OLX Gold and Carousell Coins

OLX Gold and Carousell Coins have different benefits, purposes and terms.

 OLX Gold

OLX Gold Credits is the virtual currency on OLX that can be used to purchase value-added services (VAS) that will give you an edge in selling your things.

Carousell Coins

Carousell Coins allow you to buy Carousell features like Bumps, Listing Fees and Spotlight. Carousell Coins that are purchased will expire 12 months after they are added to your balance.

During special promotions or campaigns, Carousell Coins may be allocated to your account at no costs to you. Such free Carousell Coins will generally expire 30 days after they are added, unless otherwise stated in the relevant terms and conditions.

Find out more about Carousell Coins here!
Note: Carousell Coins is only available in Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong marketplace.


What will happen to my existing OLX Gold credits?

If you agree to move your account to the Carousell platform, your OLX Gold credits will be converted to Carousell Coins which can be used to purchase Carousell products such as Bumps and Spotlights. Convert now and get bonus Carousell Coins! 

If you do not agree to move, your OLX Gold will no longer be available, together with your account on July 15. However, you can choose to obtain a refund for your OLX Gold. Just log in to your account and follow the migration steps here!

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