What are the new features?

  1. Carousell Coins
  2. Review and Rating System
  3. Spotlight
  4. Bumps
  5. Profile Promotion
  6. VAS Packages




1. Carousell Coins

  • Carousell Coins allow you to buy Carousell features like Bumps, Listing Fees and Spotlight. You can find out more about Carousell Coins here!



2. Review and Rating System

  • Buyers and sellers inside Carousell can leave feedback for each other, after successfully completing a transaction. The feedback is based on the quality of the item sold, how swift the payment was and the overall experience of the transaction. The new review and rating features help build trust within the Carousell Community and helps to create credibility for your profile. To find out how, click here.



3. Spotlight

  • Spotlight is a promotion tool designed to increase the visibility of your listing on the Carousell marketplace by pinning across browse results. Want to know more? Click on this LINK to start boosting your listing.



4. Bumps

  • Bumps help increase the visibility of your items on the marketplace by bumping them to the top of the Popular (without keywords) and Recent sort. After which, it will behave like a normal listing and be moved down as new listings are added to the marketplace. What are you waiting for? Bump your listings and click on this LINK to know how.



5. Profile Promotion

  • Besides promoting your listings using Bumps and Spotlights, with the new Profile Promotion tool, you are able to promote your WHOLE profile. Isn’t that amazing? Do not hesitate to try out this new tool to help your budding business to succeed! Find out more by clicking on this LINK.



6. VAS Packages

  • The package is a new type of visibility product that contains two separate products, which are bumps and Spotlight. It allows the users to buy a bundle of bumps and spotlight, which is designed by Carousell team to maximize the effect by category level. We will have 3~4 different type of packages with different offerings to address the different needs of the sellers. To know more, please click on this LINK.

    These are:

    • Boosting Packages - pumps your ads’ exposure to buyers through different combinations of our value-added services (VAS) designed to make sure your ads get to buyers as quickly and frequently as possible
    • Paid Listing Slot - lets you post your limited ad, once it reached the maximum number of free slots, in the category it's under
    • Listing Package - lets you avail of a specific number of ad slots (3 & up)

    You can use any of these features, to suit the needs of your items in the categories below: 

  1. General Classified Boosting and Listing Packages
  2. Autos Boosting and Listing Packages
  3. Property Boosting and Listing Packages
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