Carousell Rewards


What is Carousell Rewards?

Carousell Rewards is a programme that rewards loyal sellers for purchasing Bumps (and Bump Scheduler), Spotlight, Listing Fees and/or Profile Promotions. 

Who is eligible for Carousell Rewards?

Only Singapore users are eligible* for Carousell Rewards. Autos dealers and Property agents will not be eligible. 
*Selected users only.

How does Carousell Rewards work?

There are 4 tiers of rewards: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum 

As long as you spend Carousell Coins on either Bumps, Spotlight, Listing Fees or Profile Promotions within a month*, you will be rewarded with free Coins, exclusive monthly data insights and more depending on the tiers you are in.

*Coins spent is accumulated within the same month. For example: In the month of August, Coins spent will be accumulated from 1st Aug to 31st Aug and for the month of September, Coins spent will be accumulated from 1st Sep to 30th Sep.


Reward Tier





Coins spentˆ within the same month to qualify

1 - 7,999 

8,000 - 17,999 

18,000 - 59,999 

60,000 and above

Monthly overview of profile insights + buyer trends via email*

Free Coins**


3% of total Coins spent

5% of total Coins spent

5% of total Coins spent

Be featured in our promotional banner on our Explore page      


ˆCoins spent in Property, Cars, Car Accessories, Motorbikes are not eligible. 
*Please update your email address via Me > Settings Icon > Edit Profile > Email so that you can receive the insights in the first week of the subsequent month!
**Capped at 5k Free Coins. Free Coins will be valid for 30 days from the day they are credited into your account.

How do I redeem my rewards if I am eligible?

You have spent a total of 16,000 Coins in the month of October on Bumps, Listing Fees and/or Profile Promotions. Congrats you’re in the Silver tier!
During the first week of November, you will receive a message from the Carousell Team via chat to inform you that you are eligible to: 

  • Redeem 3% free Coins 
  • Receive a monthly overview of how your profile is doing + buyer trends and insights via email!

All you have to do is to reply 'YES' to the message within 3 days to redeem your free Coins!

The Carousell Team will process and credit the free Coins to your account within 7 working days. You will also receive the monthly data insights in your email the following week. Again, please ensure your email address (within Settings) is updated!

How long will my free Carousell Coins be valid for? 

Free Coins will be valid for 30 days from the day they are credited into your account. 


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