What is a Verified Badge? (Singapore only)

What is a Verified Badge?

Verified Badge helps users to identify buyers and sellers on our platform that have performed complete verification on their accounts.


How do I get a Verified Badge?

Users can get a Verified Badge by completing all 3 required verification methods: SingPass identity verification, phone verification and email verification. Follow these steps to complete the 3 verification methods:

  1. Go to the “Me” tab
  2. Select “Verify” on your profile
  3. Complete all 3 verification methods to receive the Verified Badge (Completed verification methods have a green tick displayed)


Is this available for all users?

This feature is only available for users based in Singapore.

Is it definitely safe to transact with a user who has a Verified Badge?

Having a Verified Badge does not provide complete assurance that transacting with the user is safe. You are advised to protect yourself by following our safety tips and using Carousell Protection.

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