What is Profile Promotion?

We finally launched our third Promotional Tool called Profile Promotion to help you to sell better!

Besides promoting your listings using Bumps and Spotlights, with the new Profile Promotion tool, you are able to promote your WHOLE profile. Isn’t that amazing? Do not hesitate to try out this new tool to help your budding business to succeed!




Why should I try Profile Promotion?

We heard feedback from the community that they would love to advertise their Profiles in the marketplace as a means to increase chances of listing views and chats. Our Promotional Tools like Bumps and Spotlights are able to promote individual listings.

Now, with our new Promotional Tool - Profile Promotion, it can:

- Increase in your profile/brand awareness as a whole

- Increase in buyers’ awareness of your wide product range available

- Increase trust in your buyers with positive reviews/stars shown

Promotion of your profile will help you capture the interests of buyers searching and browsing for relevant products, leading to an increase in your listing views and chats from your profile.

How does Profile Promotion look like?

It looks like that on the marketplace, in the middle of other listings. 


How can I buy Profile Promotion?

  1. You can access the Profile Promotion purchase page from either a) Profile tab or Profile Insights section with the Promote button.
  2. You can select one of the 3 options (3-days, 7-days, and 15-days) for Profile Promotion.
  3. Complete the purchase using Carousell Coins.
  4. Check Profile insight page if your Profile Promotion is live.

How do I know if my Profile Promotion is listed?

You can check if your Profile Promotion is running by using profile insight. If it is running on the given day, you will see the Profile Promotion logo on the date and observe the additional profile view that was generated along with the organic profile views.

Also, once your Profile Promotion is live, you will be able to see the below on Profile Insight page:


How long does Profile Promotion last?

For Profile Promotion, we offer 3 options: 3-day, 7-day, and 15-day bundles. Based on your choice, Profile Promotion will last for the stated duration.

Where is my Profile Promotion slot being advertised at?

When you purchase a Profile Promotion, we select the most popular listings (highest number of listing views) from the Profile and use it to show Profile Promotion Ads in marketplace.

For example, if your Profile has the greatest number of listing views from your “Rolex” listings, then your Profile Promotion will be shown if a user searches for the “Rolex”. For browsing within categories, we will use your popular listings’ category to show Profile Promotion.

How do I find my Profile Promotion slot within the marketplace?

If you want to search for your Profile Promotion in the marketplace, we recommend searching for one of your most-viewed listings. Note that there may be situations where you won’t be able to find your Profile Promotion slot in categories but you can confirm if it’s running by going to your Profile Insights page.

How is the price calculated for Profile Promotion?

Profile Promotion is a premium product for sellers with a variety of products to offer and for sellers who may already have had many positive experiences on the marketplace. We calculate the price based on the sales value we estimate we will give you in return and this is calculated dynamically according to the demands of the marketplace.

The price is based on the value (sales increased) and it is dynamic based on the demands of the market which, based on the  dominant category of listings on your Profile, the price for Profile Promotions may vary. Additionally, Profile Promotion price bundles are dynamic and are recalibrated on a daily basis based on the factors listed above.

Can I pick the listing image I want to show in the Profile Promotion campaign?

We optimised the listings in the Profile Promotion Ad to maximise your sales by showcasing specific listings to the most suited buyers whom likely to purchase your products and hence the listing images are tied to the specific listings. 

As of now, the listings in the Profile Promotion ad cannot be customised. Depending on the category and keywords used, they will be tailored to best suit the targeted buyers.

How is Spotlight different from Profile Promotion?

Profile Promotion allows you to showcase your brand and your account along with all its variety of products. Comparatively, Spotlight promotes a single listing, one at a time. If you’re looking to increase sales of a specific listing, we recommend using a Bump or Spotlight.

If you’re more interested in increasing your overall sales across all listings, we recommend using a Profile Promotion to drive traffic to your Profile in getting more Views across all your products! As Profile Promotion ads do not just display up to 5 of your listings, but also your Reviews ratings, you can also use it to showcase your reliability and popularity as a seller.

Which country is Profile Promotion launched in?

Currently, it is only launched in Singapore, Philippines and you may not be able to see this feature if your current location is outside of Singapore & Philippines.

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to us here.

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