[Singapore] How do I disable CarouPay?

Why is Carousell auto-enabling CarouPay on all new listings in the selected categories?

We heard your calls for Carousell to be a safer and more secure platform. Carousell is committed to providing security and assurance for all our users. With all new listings being CarouPay-enabled, transactions between sellers and buyers can now be made with 100% peace of mind and commitment. CarouPay is free to use for all sellers, with no hidden costs.

What does this mean for me as a seller?

Get ready to:

  • Sell faster. Sellers who enable CarouPay confirm orders 1 day faster.
  • Offer assurance. Buyers are always on a lookout for trusted sellers who accept CarouPay.
  • Save effort. Say goodbye to having not enough change during your meetups and waiting for buyers to complete bank transfers.

Enjoy greater convenience and commitment from buyers. Choose between mailing or meet up to close the deal faster today!

What if I do not want to use CarouPay?

CarouPay helps to ensure that transactions are conducted with 100% commitment and peace of mind. However, we do understand that there may be certain circumstances where you might choose not to use CarouPay.

In this instance, if you do receive a CarouPay order request, you may choose to cancel the order and offer the buyer an alternative deal method in the chat. We also suggest that sellers who do so share with the buyer why you prefer not to use CarouPay at the moment.

Which categories are selected?

We’ve selected the following subcategories with great care, as they are items that tend to be easily portable and can be easily verified via images and videos before purchase. As such, transactions in these subcategories can be carried out with more speed, convenience and confidence.

Women's Fashion
Bags & Wallets

Babies & Kids
Nursing & Feeding
Girls' Apparel
Boys' Apparel

Books & Stationery
Children's Books
Comics & Manga


Electronics & Gadgets - Others
Toys & Games
Video Games (Video Gaming)
Toys & Board Games - Others
Gaming Accessories (Video Gaming)
Others (Video Gaming)

Health & Beauty
Face & Skin Care
Bath & Body
Men’s Grooming
Hand & Foot Care

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