[Singapore] As a seller, how do l cancel a deal?

We understand that at times, sellers might need to cancel the deal due to various reasons and that's cool! However, do take note that for:

  • Delivery Order: Sellers are unable to cancel the deal once they have selected "Item mailed out". You can still cancel the deal as long as you have not initiated "Item mailed out" for the order. 
  • Meet-up Order: Sellers are unable to cancel the deal once they have selected "Confirm Deal".

Upon cancellation, your buyer will receive their refund according to their payment method used.

  • Buyers who made payment via DBS PayLah! will receive their refunds within 2 hours.
  • Buyers who made payment via Debit/Credit card will find that no deduction was made in the first place.

Steps to cancel a Carousell Protection deal:

1. Tap on "View details"



2. Tap on '•••' dots at the top right-hand corner of 'Deal details' page



3. From there, you will see the "Cancel deal" button



4. Select a reason for cancelling the deal and tap on "Cancel deal"


5. Your deal is cancelled!


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