[Singapore] Fees and Payments

What are Third-Party Service fees?

All CarouPay transactions in Carousell are supported by Stripe, our third-party service provider for online payments. Hence, a Third-Party Service Fee will be charged for each transaction you make via CarouPay in order to process your payments by debit/credit card. This fee is only applicable to buyers. 

DBS PayLah!: $0
The fee is waived for payments made via DBS PayLah!.

Singapore Visa/Master card: 2% + SGD 0.20

International Visa/Master card: 3% + SGD 0.30

American Express card: 3% + SGD 0.30

For sellers, CarouPay is free with no extra charges on your successful CarouPay transactions.

How do I set up my payment method?

Setting up your payment method is simple and fast. Set it up once and you are all set to CarouPay! Check out our step by step guide here.

Why is there a $0.50 charge when I add my credit card?

You will receive an authorisation charge of SGD 0.50 from the bank when you link your credit/debit card for good standing. Don't worry, this amount won't actually be charged and will not reflect in your bank statement.

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