What is Carousell For Business?

Grow your sales with Carousell For Business today!

What is Carousell For Business?

Carousell started out back in 2012 as a marketplace for people to sell off things they have left unused at home. Gradually, we see sellers like yourself selling a lot more than just used goods, which has resulted in a more vibrant marketplace!

Carousell For Business is a new initiative for sellers like yourself to help you get more sales. It is currently still in beta, and we are in the midst of rolling out more improvements for you. Stay tuned for more! 

How long is this Beta period?

The beta phase is going to be for a few weeks. Carousell will use the feedback received from you and our buyers to refine and enhance the product. 

How do I provide feedback or report a bug or issue encountered?

We would love to know how you feel about our new launch. Do email to smb@thecarousell.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

Enjoy using!

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