GOJEK $13 or $8 OFF Promo - for a limited time only!

New to GOJEK? 😍 Get two $5 vouchers upon sign up. $3 voucher sent within 48 hrs*! Let's jump straight into the questions you might have.


*Only available for sign ups from 24 Jan - 25 Feb 2019

Do i need to verify phone number to receive the voucher?


I have not received my 2x$5 voucher, how long do i need to wait?

If you have not received your 2x$5 vouchers within 2 hours of verifying your phone number (by entering the OTP), please contact GOJEK's customer service helpdesk at +65 3135 3135.

I have not received additional $3 OFF, how long do I need to wait?

Approximately between 24hours to 48hours.

How do I get the Carousell exclusive promo?

Click on the GOJEK banner available on the Carousell app or web homepage. Upon clicking, you will be redirected to the app store to install the Gojek app> click Install > sign up using your phone number.

You will receive two $5 vouchers upon sign up, additional $3 will be sent approximately between 24-48 hours.

Also, what do "new users" mean?

Users who sign up with new phone numbers only. If user uninstall and reinstall GOJEK app, your phone number won't be able to be tracked.

When can I sign up by?

This exclusive promotion is only available from 24 Jan - 25 Feb 2019. New users who sign up through the Carousell app or web during this period will enjoy $13 OFF.

For sign-ups between 25 Feb - 6 March 2019, users will enjoy a $8 OFF.

The ads I click on do not redirect me to app store page and instead redirect to an error page

Kindly click on this link or type this link on your mobile web browser instead --> http://caro.sl/gojek13

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