Why we have been updating our ranking algorithm

As you may know, Carousell has recently updated the ranking algorithm of listings to improve the marketplace. We apologise for any confusion caused and would like to share more information.

If you have been directed here from our listing because of a message we sent directly to you, you are part of the group of users who will find that their account traffic has been impacted. If you did not receive any message about this topic directly from us, you may rest assured that you have not been impacted by this updated ranking algorithm.

We are doing this as part of our commitment to ensure a healthy and sustainable marketplace for all types of sellers and buyers. We have found from the data that certain sellers are getting a disproportionate amount of visibility in the marketplace. This results in other sellers experiencing lesser success, and buyers not being able to access a wider variety of options.

For those who are affected by the update, please note: 

- Your listings will experience a drop in clicks and impressions

- All your listings will still be visible on the marketplace even if you are unable to see it at first

While we reiterate our commitment to ensure that the marketplace remains healthy, sustainable and as fair as possible, we understand that this is not ideal for those who have been impacted by the updated ranking algorithm. As such, we would like to offer a variety of solutions, both non-paid and paid, that you are welcome to try, to avoid getting impacted by the updated ranking algorithm: 

1. Provide unique listings in the marketplace

  • As our commitment is to ensure that buyers are able to access a wide range of goods, and that sellers are able to sell through based on the merit of their goods and pricing, unique listings will not be subject to the updated ranking algorithm.
  • The definition of ‘unique listing’ is something that few to no other sellers offer in the marketplace, whether in terms of item, price, condition, or the total package. 
  • Refrain from duplicating your listings as it would be taken down from the marketplace.

2. Open a second account for your personal selling

  • Carousell now allows up to two accounts for each user. As such, users can choose to separate or categorise their listings according to purpose (business, decluttering, categorisation and buying/selling are amongst different purposes you may have in separating your listings into different accounts).
  • If you’re a businessman using your current account for both personal and business reasons, you may for example choose to open a second account purely for personal listings, if your personal listings are more unique than your business ones. 

3. Buy a visibility product

  • If you buy any Spotlight or Bump now, you will not only get increased views for your promoted listings, all other listings in your account will also be prioritised in the next 24hours 
  • This prioritisation will only be effective for one full day following your purchase
  • Remember to purchase Spotlights or Bumps daily to continue enjoying increased views for your listings!
  • Monitor your Listing Insights page closely to know when will be your best time to Bump or Spotlight your listings



4. Purchase a customised solution

  • Target specific audiences with a solution exclusive to yourself.
  • For more information, you can reach out to us: sales@carousell.com.


If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to us here.

Or if you have any feedback, feel free to provide them here.

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