An Update to Ranking Algorithm

We have recently changed the ranking algorithm of listings in our marketplace to improve the overall buyer experience. Businesses, like yourself, may find that views on your listings have been impacted.

Why is there a change in algorithm?

Users have been requesting for improvement in marketplace quality. As a marketplace, we strive to provide a variety of listings from an array of unique sellers.

As such, we are changing the ranking algorithm of our marketplace to improve relevance for our buyers.

Our study also shows that buyers who reported more satisfaction with the marketplace experience have a higher inclination to shop more/longer.

Is my new listing missing?

Rest assured all your listings can still be found on the marketplace!

However, if you are affected by the change in algorithm, you may see a difference in your account metrics/visibility, such as listing impressions and views.

Why is my listing not appearing in chronological order in recent sort?

Your listing can still be found in the marketplace. This is part of our algorithm change and we are continuing to optimise this for a better buyer experience as we go along.

If I’ve been affected, how can I get more traffic to my listings or account?

If you would like to know how you can boost account traffic using our visibility products, check Spotlight or Bump.

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