Introducing Profile Insights!

What is “Profile Visitors”?

Profile visitors is the unique number of people visiting your profile in Carousell.

How do people visit my profile in Carousell?

People can visit your profile through multiple ways — by tapping your Profile photo and username in listing cards, through seller info block in your listing details page etc.

What are chat and listing view stats in Profile Insights?

The data shown in the profile insights page is the aggregated views and chats for all the listings the seller has it. The number changes daily and we show the % change compared to the previous week.

Why does my profile visitors change daily?

Number of profile visitors depends on the discoverability of your items. If more people are searching for the items you have, you will have higher number of profile visitors.

Can I know more about people visiting my profile?

Not at the moment, but we are always working towards providing more useful information to you to make you more successful on Carousell!

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