SAFE Checklist Verified

What is SAFE Checklist Verified?

A good car is based on the sum of its parts. Without proper technical knowledge and expertise, the condition of a car cannot be fully assessed, which leads to confusion and unnecessary risks for both buyers and sellers. An unbiased, professional evaluation eliminates this issue and provides all parties with a peace of mind.

A SAFE Checklist Verified vehicle is one that has been professionally evaluated at accredited evaluation centres based on the SAFE Checklist guidelines. In case of any dispute within the first six months after delivery of vehicle (Lemon Law), this verification will serve as the basis of contest.

What is Lemon Law?

Lemon Law protects the consumers against defective goods that fail to conform to contract or are of unsatisfactory quality or performance standards at the time of delivery.

Under the Lemon Law, any defects discovered within six months from the date of delivery of the vehicle is presumed to have been present at the time the car was delivered.

Which are the accredited Evaluation Centres?

  • Vicom Fit Evaluation
  • STA Evaluation
  • AA Car Evaluation Service

What is SAFE Checklist?

The SAFE Checklist is a comprehensive evaluation guideline for pre-owned vehicles set by the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE). It is broken down into 2 parts -- Dealer Section and Professional Evaluation Centre Section.

Dealer Section:

This section consists of vehicle information and warranty details which is filled by the seller (dealer).

Professional Evaluation Centre Section:

This section consists of compliance, condition and function checks for the vehicle, which is first evaluated by the centre. The results will then be compiled and reflected in this section.

A good looking pre-owned vehicle is no indicator that it has been well-maintained. Minimise the risk of transacting a “Lemon” vehicle with proper checks and certification at professional evaluation centres.

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