Carousell: Integrating Pro into Carousell to create a one-stop platform for all your advertising needs


With effect from 30 October 2018, we will be merging key Features of the Carousell Pro App with the main Carousell App so that you’ll have a seamless, smarter and one-stop platform to manage and drive more visibility for your listings and engage with your leads!

Do note that the full integration will take place from 30 Oct'18 onwards and your Carousell account can only be accessed through our main Carousell app.

Here's a couple of FAQs to help you better understand this:

What is going to happen to my existing account?

If you are an existing Carousell Pro subscriber, your current subscription and entitlements will remain the same!

This just means that you will need to access your account through the main Carousell app from 30 Oct'18 onwards- we promise you'll prefer it there! 

I am not an existing Carousell Property account agent. How can I find out more and be one?

If you are not an existing Carousell Pro subscriber, please reach out to our account managers to find out more:

PropNex Agents  Janice Zhang @ 9821 3661       
ERA Agents  CJ Tan @ 9159 9114
OrangeTee & all other agents                Fredrick Pang @ 9626 6003


What is the main Carousell App?

The main Carousell App refers to the Carousell App that property seekers use to browse and view listings in the Carousell marketplace.

We want to give our agents a seamless, smarter and more convenient way to use Carousell to manage their Property listings and also be able to access all other services that a normal Carousell user will need.

How do I download the main Carousell App?

Search for ‘Carousell’ in either the Apple App store (if you are an iOS user) or the Google Play store (if you are an Android user):


Is Carousell closing its Property business down?

Definitely not! We have gotten much feedback in the past couple of months, and this is a move based on the feedback we’ve received to enhance agent's experience using Carousell to market their properties.

What are the benefits of using the Carousell App as opposed to the Carousell Pro App?

This integration will give you DIRECT access to our in-app visibility products, thereby helping you drive even more success. With the Carousell app, you have FOUR (4) different options:

  • 1-day bump: bumps your listing to the top of the page when you activate it. After which, your listing moves down as new listings are added to the marketplace.

  • 3-day bump: bumps your listing for 3 days to the top of the page, at the same time each day.

  • Urgent bump: bumps your listing twice a day to the top of the page for 3 days (i.e. 6 times over 3 days). The second bump of the day will take place 3 hours after the first.

  • Spotlight: a PAY-PER-CLICK promotion tool designed to increase the visibility of your listing on the Carousell marketplace. It surfaces your listing to the most relevant audience even beyond the Property category. Spotlight guarantees that you only pay for the clicks that your listing gets.


Already downloaded the Carousell App and need more help on how to maximise its potential?

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