Overview of the Carousell Resolution Centre

The Carousell Resolution Centre is a platform for buyers and sellers to work together respectfully and promptly to reach a resolution on issues with CarouPay orders.

When a CarouPay order is not received, or if it is received but not in the state as it was listed, the buyer can raise the issue to the seller via the Carousell Resolution Centre.

This needs to be done within 48 hours of either the item being delivered, or 7 days after the order was dispatched, as payment would be released to the seller thereafter.

Following that, the seller will be able to respond to and work with the buyer on resolving the issue.

To raise an issue via the Carousell Resolution Centre, the following criteria must be met

  •  Order was paid for and delivered using CarouPay
  •  Issue is raised within 48 hours of, the earlier of:
  • tracking status reflect that item is delivered or
  • 7 days after the order is dispatched
  •   Item does not belong to Carousell’s list of prohibited items
  •   All communication about the order and issue raised are kept within Carousell

Please note that once the buyer has confirmed that the item has been received, payment will be instantly released to the seller and no further issues can be raised.

Item not received

Buyers can raise an issue for an item not received. In such a situation, the seller will need to provide proof of delivery to show that the order was dispatched to the same address provided by the buyer for the same order.

In the event that an order is not delivered due to courier-related issues, the seller will be required to file a claim directly with the courier service that was used.

Item not as listed

Buyer can raise an issue for an item that is not as listed if it is materially different from what is advertised in the seller’s listing and description at the point of placing the order. Some examples include:

✔   The item is of a different variation, such as size, colour, model or version

✔   The item is incomplete or has missing parts

✔   The item is damaged or there is one or more undisclosed defect(s)

An item that is materially similar with subjective and non-significant variations from the seller’s listing and description will not be accepted. This includes:

✘   Item with signs of wear but was correctly listed as being in used condition

✘   Non-significant variations, including quality, for example

     ✘ Item listed as light pink but received as rose pink

     ✘ Item listed as palm-sized but received at 15cm

     ✘ Item listed as 8/10 but receiver claims it is more of a 6/10

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