Cancellations & Refunds


Cancellation for a CarouPay order is only possible before the item is dispatched by the seller.

Depending on whether you are a buyer or seller, an order can be under the following circumstances:

  • A buyer can cancel before the order has been accepted by the seller
  • A seller can cancel before the order has been dispatched

An order can be cancelled by Carousell for any of the following reasons but not limited to:

  • Order is not accepted by the seller within 72 hours of order being placed
  • Order is not marked as dispatched within 72 hours of order acceptance
  • Possible violation of our guidelines or risks associated to the transaction


Cancellation Penalties

Carousell understands that there might be instances where a buyer or seller needs to cancel an order. However, do note that excessive cancellations or unresponsiveness to CarouPay orders by a user may result in penalties such as:

  1. System generated feedback: A feedback will be left on the account indicating that the CarouPay transaction was cancelled. Such feedback will not be removed.
  2. Account restriction: A restriction from buying or selling may be imposed on the account for a period of time.



Upon a successful cancellation, refunds will be processed by Carousell within 24 hours and depending on the payment method, an authorisation void or refund will be made. Coupons or promo codes redeemed will not be refunded.

Refunds can only be credited back to the payment method used.

For credit or debit card purchases, the full amount inclusive of payment fees, will be refunded to the card used to complete the purchase. This is usually processed within 5 to 10 working days, depending on the bank.

For DBS PayLah!, the amount will be credited back to the DBS account used to complete the purchase instantly.

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