What's Wallet and how do I receive money in it?

With CarouPay, you can now receive payments through Carousell. Your payments and transaction records can be found on your profile page, in the “Wallet” tab.


To add or edit your bank details, you can do so by tapping on “Set up/Manage” on the top right of the “Wallet” view.


You will be able to view the transaction in your Wallet once:

  1. The buyer has indicated that they have received their item;
  2. Or 7 days after sellers have dispatched the item.

To withdraw your funds, proceed to “Cash Out” to your preferred bank account. Please allow 2-3 days for the funds to be transferred into your bank account.

If this is your first "Cash Out", you'll be required to verify your ID. This is a one-time process and you won't be required to do so again for subsequent "Cash Out".

As cross-border transactions are strictly controlled by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), money in your Wallet can only be cashed out into a Singapore bank account.

Please note that the Wallet is not available on the web at the moment.

How long do I have to wait to receive my money?

Payment will be released into your Carousell Wallet within 2-5 working days after the order status is set to be completed.

You can “Cash Out” after the money has been deposited in your Carousell Wallet. Funds will be transferred from your Wallet to your choice of bank account within 2-3 days.

Note that depending on the buyer's selected payment method, it may take up to 4 days for Carousell to receive funds from the buyer's bank, before we can allow sellers to cash out.

To illustrate, if a buyer receives and indicates that the item was received on Monday, payment will be released into sellers’ Carousell Wallet latest by Saturday. Sellers will have to start the cash out process, and the funds will be transferred to selected bank accounts by Tuesday.

Due to internal control and security measures, the cash out process cannot be expedited in any circumstance.

Please note that if this is your first "Cash Out", you'll be required to verify your ID as well. This is a one-time process and you won't be required to do so again for subsequent "Cash Out".

Can I use the money in my Carousell Wallet to buy other items?

Funds in the Carousell Wallet cannot be used to purchase other items on Carousell or be used to pay for features such as Bumps and Top Spotlight at the moment. We are working on expanding our Wallet feature for greater user convenience!

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