Why should I buy through CarouPay?

CarouPay is a new in-app payment feature that allows buyers to pay for items on Carousell through their credit/debit card or DBS PayLah! With just a few clicks, buyers can now pay within the app. It is a faster and better way to transact!

Why should I buy using CarouPay?

Buyers enjoy more convenience and assurance when dealing through CarouPay. With CarouPay, you are able to make payment immediately without having to ask for the seller's bank account details or arrange for a meet-up. Less back-and-forth means a faster transaction!

CarouPay also provides assurance to buyers by holding the payment until the transaction is successfully completed!

In the event of disputes, users are encouraged to resolve it with the other party before escalating to Carousell. For unsuccessful transactions made via CarouPay, buyers can file a dispute within 8 days from start of delivery or 24h after acknowledging that you've received the item.

For more details on resolution of disputes with CarouPay, please refer to our Carousell Resolution Centre.

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