How do I enable CarouPay for my listings and what is "Business mode"?

Enabling CarouPay is easy! You just need to turn it on when creating new listings or by editing current listings.

  1. Select a listing and tap on “Edit listing detail”
  2. Toggle on CarouPay
  3. Select “Choose Delivery Method” and enable the delivery methods you offer
  4. Save and you are done! To check whether a listing is CarouPay-enabled, look out for a truck icon or simply apply filters when browsing.

Please note that CarouPay does not deliver items on behalf of the seller. Sellers are responsible for packing and mailing their own items.

CarouPay is also not available for listings in Cars, Properties, Jobs, Services-related, Bulletin Board, Preorders and Community categories.

What is "Business mode"?

CarouPay listings will be automatically marked as “Reserved” after an order request has been submitted by a buyer. This is to prevent multiple orders on a listing which has only one unit for sale.

If you have multiple quantities of a listing, please turn on “This item has multiple quantity” under "Business Mode" in order to ensure that your listing remains visible on the marketplace!

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