Rating and Review Policy

The Rating and Review system is a tool to help gauge the credibility of a Carouseller, as it reflects his transactional experience with other members of the community.

Users are encouraged to provide an accurate representation of their transaction experience. By leaving a feedback on Carousell, you agree to abide by our guidelines and policies. Carousell reserves the rights to remove any feedback that violates our guidelines or for any reason at our discretion.

What is the Rating and Review system and how do I make the best use of it?

Leaving a feedback is important as a buyer and a seller, because it helps build trust within the Carousell Community.

If you receive a feedback you do not agree with, reply constructively to share your side of the story. A great response would help to change the perspective of the feedback that was left.

Contact the other party too, to find out what went wrong and request for him/her to change the feedback by coming to an amicable agreement together so everyone gets to walk away happily!

Feedback manipulation policy

Any attempt to artificially increase the number of feedback in a profile or defame a profile without a complete transaction or full agreement to deal between both parties will be considered as feedback manipulation.

Users found to be engaging in feedback manipulation will have their feedback (legitimate and non-legitimate) removed without prior notice and feedback removed will not be subjected to reinstatement.

Content guidelines

We do not allow

  • Content that contains any form of personal information
  • Content with inappropriate language

Content found to include any of the above will be removed without prior notice and further action may be taken on the account(s).

Feedback removal guidelines

Upon a request or report, Carousell will review them on a case-by-case basis.

A feedback may be altered or removed by the Carousell Team if:

Feedback contains inappropriate language

  • Vulgarities
  • Implied vulgarities (characters being replaced by asterisks)

Feedback contains personal information

  • Addresses
  • Bank accounts
  • Phone numbers

Feedback extortion, where it is used to coerce another user into accepting terms that are not within the original deal agreement

Feedback is left by party who did not fulfil their transactional obligation(s)

Feedback was edited 14 days after completion of a deal

Users who have their feedback removed due to any violation of the listed guidelines will have their rights to leave a feedback for the other party permanently revoked.

We understand that negative ratings can be exasperating to sellers however, we will not remove feedback that does not fall under the above scenarios

In such a case, our best advice will be to reply the feedback to share your side of the story.

Feedback addition guidelines

Upon a request or report, Carousell may assist in the addition of feedback to accounts without prior notice.

A feedback with auto-generated content may be added by the Carousell Team if:

  • One party is under the investigation for a pending transaction yet to be resolved
  • One party did not fulfil their transactional obligation(s)
  • Both parties are responsible for the dispute that arose
  • A CarouPay cancellation was made on your part



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