What's the New Home Screen?

Check out our New Home Screen! In addition to viewing just categories in the “Browse” tab,  we now have “Your Daily Picks” and “Fresh Finds” to help you get good deals on Carousell!

Explore Carousell” to see all categories available. Want to see all sub-categories to be more specific in your browsing? Tap “See All” to view all categories and its sub-categories.

Your Daily Picks” shows you listings similar to what you’ve searched and browsed previously. Tap “See All” to access a feed specially curated just for you. :)

Fresh Finds” has all the new listings in the marketplace, get the freshest best deal before it’s gone!

How can I get the latest Home Screen?

Update the app to get the New Home Screen!

After you're done, click here to share what you think about it. :)

Why can't I see "Your Daily Picks"?

“Your Daily Picks” finds recommendations based on what you’ve previously searched and browsed. Search and browse the listings you like as you usually do and you’ll see the recommended listings tomorrow!

*This feature is not available in Australia

Why aren't the “Fresh Finds” relevant to me?

“Fresh Finds” are not personalised and is purely based on what’s being listed in the marketplace at the moment. Please keep an eye on our updates for future enhancements!

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