Saved Search? What’s that?

What is Saved Search?

Looking for that perfectly-sized dress or exact model of car? Didn’t manage to find it the first time around? Saved Search is for you!

With Saved Search, you can save up to three sets of search queries and filters, allowing you to access your favourite search queries anytime you want to. This is great for Carousellers who want to access listings of specific search queries at a click!

We’ll even send you daily push notifications to inform you when new listings that match the criteria you’re looking for are added to the marketplace!

How do I save my search?

To save a search, simply perform the following on your Carousell app

  1. Select the search bar and enter the term you’d like to save
  2. Tap on the “star” icon next to your search term in the search bar and there it is - you have successfully saved your search!

How do I add filters to my saved search?

Additionally, you may also add filters to your Saved Search terms:

  1. After you have performed a search, select Sort/Filter
  2. Select your desired filter ranges
  3. Toggle “Save this Search” at the end of the filter page
  4. Select “See filtered results” to successfully save your search term along with the added filters

How do I manage my saved searches?

To manage your Saved Searches, while having the search bar activated, select “Manage” and swipe left to delete any of your Saved Search. For now, only a maximum of 3 saved searches are allowed.

How do I rerun a Saved Search?

If you wish to access your saved searches, simply clear the search bar to reveal the main Carousell search. Your Saved Searches should be available in the dropdown list if you have saved at least 1 search query. Just tap on the one you want to rerun and you’re set!

How do I set notifications for my saved searches?

Unfortunately, we’ve not yet included the ability for Carousellers to personalise notifications for saved searches. However, we’ll send you a push notification daily telling you if new listings have been added to the marketplace that match your searches! Don’t worry about spam either - we’ll send you a maximum of one push notification a day! 

Can I set specific time and frequency for push notifications?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer the ability to personalise time and frequency of push notifications at this point. Fret not, though - we will hear you!

How can I best use Saved Search?

It’s really up to your imagination, but one way that we at Carousell are using it is to filter for a specific price on an item we’re looking for - then all we need to do is to check in on the daily notification to know if new listings are uploaded that match the price we’re hunting for! This is super useful for expensive items like luxury goods or tech toys, or even big-ticket items like cars where we’re not planning to buy them immediately!

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