[Taiwan] 7-Eleven Cash on Delivery Seller Process with Screenshot Guidance

7-11 Cash on Delivery service is not available in the following category: Cars & Motorbike/ Property/ Preorder/ Job & Service.

Below is the screenshot guidance for seller:

  • Click the "+" or "Sell" button at the bottom of the page

  • You can either take the photo by clicking the camera icon or choose the image from your album, each listing can upload up to 10 photos.

  • Fill in all the columns and toggle on "7-Eleven Cash on Delivery" option. Highly recommend providing as much as details. (Category/ Listing title/ Price/ Item condition, columns with red bar in front are mandatory columns to complete) 
  • Click "List it" button and see a black car appear on your listing, meaning you've successfully enabled 7-11 Cash on Delivery service.


  • If buyer wants to place the order via cash on delivery service, please make sure buyer has updated Carousell APP to the latest version. On the listing page, buyer MUST click "Quick Buy" to initiate the deal.
    Reminder: Once buyer click "Quick Buy" and place the order, there's no way for seller to change price again, hence we strongly suggest both parties chat first and confirm all the transaction details (including enquiring for item condition and price).

  • As per mentioned, in order to avoid misunderstanding and reduce dispute cases, we strongly suggest our users chat first and ask for more details before place/confirm the order.
    Reminder: After chatting or negotiation, seller must change the price first (if needed) before buyer clicking "Quick Buy" button, (seller doesn't need to include shipping fee in listing price).

  • Once buyer clicked "Quick Buy" and fill in receiver's information to place the order, seller will receive the order request notification from our system, where you can see in both chat and inbox. If seller didn't confirm the order to generate shipping code, the offer will be cancelled automatically after 3 days.
    Note: Seller will not see buyer's name/ mobile number/ appointed 7-11 store in chat and seller also DO NOT need to collect such information from buyer since it's all included in the shipping code once seller confirmed the order.   (Order request shows in chat)        

  • Once seller saw the order request notification from buyer, seller can click "Start Delivery" button to generate shipping code.

  • Seller fills in information and clicks "Generate Shipping Code".
    Reminder: Sender column MUST input seller's REAL/ OFFICIAL name, please don't input your alias or Carousell username.

  • To strengthen the platform safety, you will be asked to verify your phone number before proceeding to next steps. (It's one-time effort, once you've verified your phone number and tied to your Carousell account, you won't be asked to verify again unless you change your mobile number).

  • Once you completed the phone verification process, you will receive the shipping code in chat.

  • Seller MUST ship out the parcel within 7 days after receiving shipping code (otherwise the shipping code will expire after 7 days). Please follow the steps below upon delivering:
    1. Go to any of the 7-11 stores nearby to operate the ibon machine (the 7-11 store will receive the parcel if it was returned)
    2. Click "交貨便"
    3. Click "寄件"
    4. Find Carousell Logo and click "旋轉拍賣 Carousell"
    5. Input the shipping code provided in chat
    6. Print out the delivery sheet and put in the plastic bag provided by 7-11, pass the parcel to the clerk and pre-pay NT$60 as shipping fee. (If you have any doubt, please seek help from the clerk)
      Note: If buyer didn't pick up the parcel, the parcel will be returned to seller's store but the shipping fee WILL NOT be returned.
    7. Once you finish sending out the parcel, within 1 hour, it will prompt a notification in chat shows seller has shipped out the parcel.

  • Once the parcel has arrived buyer's store, our system will send SMS text and prompt notification in chat informing buyer to pick up the parcel in 7 days. After buyer picked up the parcel, the money (listing price + shipping fee) will show in seller's wallet and wait to cash out.
    Note: Both parties are allowed to exchange feedback after buyer picked up the parcel.

  • To check the payment, you can go to "Me" and find the "Wallet" with green purse icon on your profile page.

  • You can set up your wallet by inputting information to cash out the money.
     (For the first-time seller, tap on "Set up your wallet") 
  • Choose the bank you have and input all the columns to set up your wallet, then you're ready to cash out once the buyer has picked up the parcel.
    For Taiwanese, ID number means your 身份證字號
    For the foreigner, please input your ARC number in ID number column


  • I didn't receive shipping code! Why can't I find "Start Delivery" button after accept buyer's offer?
    It means buyer use the wrong way to place order. To initial cash on delievry order, seller must enable the 7-11 option in sell/edit page. After so, buyer will see "Quick Buy" button on listing page. Buyer must click "Quick Buy" button to place the order. If seller already accepted the offer (and both parties have updated the app to correct version), buyer should be able to see "Delivery with 7-11" button in chat. Seller will see "Start Delivery" button after buyer clicked the "Delivery with 7-11" button.

  • After buyer placed the order, why my listing has been marked as sold immediately but I can't find "Start Delivery" button"?
    In this case, please confirm if buyer misplaced order via normal make offer. If all have been verified through point 1 but seller still can't see "Start Delivery" button. Seller please re-launch the APP or remove Carousell APP first and re-download.

  • For the old listings created previously, why can't I find "7-11 Cash on Delivery" button in edit listing page?
    Please make sure if the APP has been updated to latest version or not. If it's in latest version already, please asked seller reselect the "Category" and they should be able to see the 7-11 option.

  • For other seller FAQ, please refer to here.


If you have any questions, please contact us via here

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