[Taiwan] 7-Eleven Cash on Delivery Buyer Process with Screenshot Guidance

7-11 Cash on Delivery service is not available in the following category: Cars & Motorbike/ Property/ Preorder/ Job & Service.

Below is the screenshot guidance for buyer (Make sure the APP is the latest version)

Step.1 When browsing
The listing with a black truck icon means it's available to purchase through cash on delivery service.

Step.2 Place Order
Click "Quick Buy" or "直接購買“ on listing page. If there is no "Quick Buy" button, please update the APP to the latest version. 

Note: The price can't be changed once buyer clicked "Quick Buy".

Step.3 Fill in recipient information
Buyer needs to select the pick-up store and provide name and mobile number of the recipient for collecting the parcel. 
The recipient name must be the same as the name on ID card (身分證) or ARC (外僑居留證) for verifying identity.




Phone Verification
If the account hasn't verified the phone number, the verification request will pop-up after clicking "Confirm Order".

Process : Enter the mobile number >> receive SMS text with 4 digits code >> enter the comfirmation code >> click Verify Code.



Step.4 Awaiting for seller's response.

Once the buyer confirmed the order, buyer can see the store name and price in chat. The chat will show a green truck icon and 訂單請求(order request) in inbox.

Note: the order will be cancelled automatically if seller didn't confirm the order after receiving order request in 3 days.


Once seller confirmed order (fill in the sender information), buyer will see "訂單成立“ in chat.
After seller went to 7-11 to ship out the parcel, buyer will see the shipping code which can be used to track parcel status via E-tracking link provided in chat.



Step.5 Pick up.

When the item arrived the buyer's store, buyer will receive both SMS text and notification in chat. The message shows the pick up store and the deadline to collect the item.

After buyer picked up the parcel, both side can exchange feedback.




  • Why I can't see "Quick Buy" button?
    • Check the APP version and update, the P&S service only available on APP, haven't support web yet.
    • If buyer already made an offer and seller has accepted the offer. There is a "Collect from 7-Eleven" button in buyer's chat. Buyer can click it to initiate cash on delivery transaction (buyer will be directed to step 3).

  • What happened if buyer didn't pick up the parcel before the deadline?
    Buyer has 7 days to pick up when the parcel is arrived at pick up store. If buyer do not pick up within 7 days, the parcel will return to seller's store. Carousell reserves the right to restrict buyer who did not pick up the parcel will not able to use 7-11 delivery method for 30 days.

  • When will the 7-11 delivery method be reinstated?
    System will automatically reopen this feature after 30 days.

  • After seller shipped out the parcel for 3 days, why didn't I receive notification to inform me if the parcel has arrived or not?
    - Please use the shipping code to check the delivery status via 7-11 logistic system E-tracking
    - If the status shows “因門市因素,請連絡廠商客服重選取件門市” means buyer's store can't receive the parcel at this moment, In this case, buyer must re-select another new store through chat in 7 days. Otherwise, the parcel will be returned to seller's store. 


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