The Carousell Ratings and Reviews system (formerly "feedback system")


A safer way to leave feedback!
Our new feedback system provides a safe space for users to give honest feedback. Feedback left will not be shown until the other user leaves theirs, or until 14 days have passed, depending on whichever happens first.

What happens when only 1 person has left feedback?
The feedback will only be published after 14 days

Can I leave feedback after 14 days?
No. 14 days after the offer was accepted, you will no longer be able to leave the user a feedback.

Can I edit my feedback after I have submitted it?
Feedback can only be edited before the feedback is published. Once both parties have left each other a feedback and the feedback has been published, it will no longer be editable.

Can I reply to the other person’s feedback for me?
Yes! You will be given the opportunity to reply to feedback left on your profile to acknowledge the feedback or to share more about the transaction from your point of view.

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