[Taiwan] What are the 7-Eleven policies?

Carousellers are able to transact conveniently with 7-Eleven. To ship items with 7-Eleven, there are guidelines and policies to adhere to.

To find out more on the items that 7-Eleven, here is link to their website: https://www.7-11.com.tw/service/accept.asp

What is the size and weight limit? 

The longest side of the item should not exceed 45cm and its length, width, height should not exceed 105cm. Weight of item should be no more than 5kg.

What item should not be delivered?

  • Cash, Securities, Tickets, Vouchers
  • Fragile Goods
  • Vegetables, Fruits and Temperature-Sensitive items
  • Limited non-replicable items, Important documents, Documents type
  • Animals and Plants
  • Medication
  • Precision Instruments, 3C and Valuables
  • Chemical and Liquid
  • Illegally imported items

Are there any other restrictions that I should be aware of?

The listing price of the item should not be more or equal to NT$20,000 (inclusive of NT$60).

What happens when my item is damaged or lost with 7-Eleven?

In the even that an item has been damaged or lost, you are able to request for a compensation from 7-Eleven. The compensation will not exceed NT$20,000 (which includes the tax).

You will be notified by 7-Eleven on the status within the next 2 months, before the 20th.

Read this article for more information on 7-Eleven's policy.

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