Can I remove an existing review?

To maintain the integrity of the Ratings and Reviews system, users are not able to remove reviews from their profile, or from another Carouseller's profile.

Reviews should always be tied to either a completed transaction or a full agreement to deal between both parties, where all aspects of the transaction have already been discussed and agreed on.

If you've received a review you do not agree with, it's always best to contact the other party directly to try and work towards an amicable resolution so everyone gets to walk away happily. You can also respond to it to share your side of the story so other users can have a balanced perspective of the review.

For any requests to have reviews removed, Carousell will review them on a case-by-case basis and in accordance to our Rating and Review Policy.

Carousell encourages all users to keep interactions and communication within the Carousell platform.

In the event where the conversation was brought outside of the marketplace, we will require the external chat records to be furnished in the form of screenshots before we can help to review the request. 

However, do understand that Carousell reserves the right to not accept any conversation records that are deemed questionable.

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