How can I receive the payment?

For all transactions that are completed with 7-Eleven, the payments will be reflected in your Wallet. If you would like to add your bank details, you can do so by tapping on "Manage" on the top right. To withdraw the balance amount, you can tap on "Cash Out" to add the bank details to your preferred bank account. 

What are the Bank Account details that I have to provide?

Upon cashing out the balance in your Wallet, you will be prompted to enter the following:

  • Name of Account
  • ID Number
  • Bank Code
  • Account Number


If you have yet to complete verification of your account, you will be guided to do so. 

Can I make changes to my Bank Account details?

Yes, you can go ahead to do so. However, any changes made to your Bank Account details will only apply to the next cash out balance. 

Why is the status showing as Bank Verification failed?

It could be due to the mismatch of ID Number and Bank Code. You might like to check with your bank for the details or provide an alternative bank to cash out.

How much is the withdrawal fee?

The bank collects NT$4 withdrawal fee (promotional period) for transfers to banks other than TFCB (Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank).

Payment timeline

Once the buyer has collected the item and make the payment at 7-Eleven, you will be able to cash out within your Wallet.

  1. Buyer collects and makes the payment between Monday to Friday (as shown in yellow).
  2. 7-Eleven will consolidate the completed transactions on the following Monday to Thursday (as shown in green). National Holidays may result in a delay.
  3. Payment of completed transactions will be transferred from 7-Eleven to Carousell. Seller will receive payment from Carousell within 3 working days. If it falls on a National Holiday, there might be a delay.


How long can I keep my balance in my Wallet?

All balances found in the Wallet needs to be cashed out within 6 months upon completion.


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