What is Spotlight?

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We want to help you sell faster, by putting your listing in Spotlight!


Spotlight is a promotion tool designed to increase the visibility of your listing on the Carousell marketplace by pinning across browse results.

Spotlight will last for as long as you set the duration of your campaign to be and will be removed from Spotlight for the day once the daily set clicks are reached.*
Spotlight guarantees that you only pay for the clicks that your listing gets. The cost of each campaign depends on your budget. The higher your budget, the more clicks we will try to give your listing. At the end of the campaign, you’ll only need to pay for the clicks that you actually got.

How do I put my listing into Spotlight?

  1. Select a listing from your profile and tap “Promote”
  2. Look for Spotlight and tap “Set Up”
  3. Choose your preferred campaign (days & clicks). You’ll need Carousell Coins in order to make a purchase.
  4. Complete the process by tapping on “Run Spotlight” at the bottom of the page!

Track the clicks and progress of your Spotlight campaign through Listing Insights!

How long will my listing stay in Spotlight?

Your listing will stay in Spotlight for as long as you set your campaign duration to be (3 - 30 days) and will be removed from Spotlight for the day once the daily set clicks are reached.*

If the daily target clicks are not met, the cost of the campaign will be prorated based on delivered clicks, and unused Carousell Coins will be refunded back to your account at the end of the campaign (3 - 30 days).

Marking your listing as “Sold”, “Reserved”, “Deleted” or changing it's category will remove it from Spotlight immediately, and unused Carousell Coins will be refunded back to your account.

*Your Spotlight campaign may be terminated early if it is not performing well. Unused Carousell Coins will be refunded back to your account for any undelivered clicks. Early terminations could happen because your listing quality is low, or if your listing is in breach of our community guidelines.

What if there are multiple active campaigns for Spotlight? Which one will Carousell show?

Carousell is a big marketplace and there are millions of listing views every day. If there are more than two listings in Spotlight, the different listings will be randomly shown to different users, until the target clicks for each listing are fulfilled. 

If your active campaign isn't listed on the top two or other slots, your listing will return to its original slot (depending on your sort/filter).

Will my listing always be pinned to the top two slots?

Depending on the number of active campaigns in the queue of Spotlight listings, your listing may not always be pinned at the top two slots. Not to worry, you will only be charged for the clicks your listing receives!  

What happens if I sell, delete or change the category of my listing while it is in Spotlight?

The campaign will be stopped. The cost of the campaign will be prorated based on delivered clicks, and unused Carousell Coins will be refunded back to your account.

What happens if I reserve my listing while it is in Spotlight?

If you mark your listing as reserved, your campaign will be paused for up to 24 hours. If you do not unreserve your listing after 24 hours, we will refund the remaining coins.

If the listing gets unreserved within 24 hours, your listing will be placed back in Spotlight!

How do I know if my listing is promoted via Spotlight? 

You can check if your listing is in Spotlight either through the listing or through Listing Insights. Listing insights for Spotlight and Bumps are different.

What is the difference between “Clicks” and “Impressions”?

When a user browses a category or search result page, they don’t always tap into all the listings that they see. When they scroll past a listing, it’s counted as an Impression. When they tap into the listing details page to view more details, it’s counted as a View.

A user has to tap into your Spotlight listing for us to count it as a View. On top of that, each View will be unique; if the same user taps into your listing twice, it will only be counted as 1 View.

Does Spotlight guarantee a sale?

Spotlight provides your listings with more visibility. However, we cannot guarantee that a Spotlight will lead to a like, chat or offer. To make sure you get the most out of Spotlight, use them on good-quality listings.

How are prices determined for Spotlight?

The cost of each Spotlight campaign depends on the number of clicks, days you have chosen for campaign to run and the category which the item resides in. Each category has its unique demand for clicks and Spotlight in more popular categories will cost more.

How is Spotlight different from Bumps?

Spotlight and Bumps both help to improve an item's visibility, but they work differently.
Spotlight guarantees that you only pay for the clicks that your listing gets during the campaign period. A Spotlight campaign starts from 40 daily clicks for a minimum of 3 days.

A Bump pushes a listing to the top of the category for a short period of time, and costs the same regardless of the clicks it delivers. The performance of each Bumped listing depends on the demand for the listing and quality of listing. From our case studies, a seller can enjoy an average of 2 - 4x more views on a Bumped listing than a regular new listing, depending on the type of Bump.

You can also buy a Bump while your listing is running a Spotlight campaign. The Spotlight campaign will run independently from your Bumped item. The Listing Insights are different and will be able to show the performance of each feature separately. Rest assured that the clicks that you get from Bumps don’t count towards the fulfilment of your Spotlight campaign.

Why can’t I buy Spotlight for Cars and Properties?

Spotlight is unavailable for our Cars and Properties categories for now. If you are a business owner or agent and would like to have more visibility within those categories, please contact business@thecarousell.com


What  does priority for Spotlight ads mean?


Priority means sellers pay for an increased chance to be shown in more prominent positions when buyers search and browse for a relevant item or service. The ad inventory available for Spotlight ads are limited, and sellers who pay for priority are more likely to have their campaigns successfully delivered.

However, ads are still subject to other considerations such as listing relevance. Only in conditions where two running campaigns are in the same category and are equally relevant to a buyer’s search term will the prioritised Spotlight ad be favoured over the non-prioritised Spotlight ad.

For example, if a buyer searches iPhone X, two Spotlight ads with the title iPhone X will compete for prominence in search results. The Spotlight ad with greater priority will be shown first.

Why should I pay for priority?

Priority shows your Spotlight ads in more prominent positions compared to other similar ads, thereby delivering more clicks for a successful campaign and compete with other sellers in the category in a given period of time.

If I do not pay for priority, does this mean my Spotlight ads will perform poorly?

No. Your Spotlight listing will be shown in relevant search and browse results. We will still aim to deliver 100% of your daily budget. Your Spotlight performance will not be impacted. Priority feature is built for the serious sellers who urgently want more exposure and clicks in a specific given the given period of the time.

How do I know if my Spotlight ads are prioritised over other ads?

Prioritised ads are shown before non-prioritised ads. They are more likely to take the top two positions in search results or in any category view. Prioritised ads will also reach their daily budget goal faster than non-prioritised ads.

Will I be able to see how much my competitors are paying for priority?

Yes. In the priority setup page, you will be able to see how much your competitors are prioritizing overall in the category of your listing. However, you will not be able to see how much individual sellers are prioritising their listings.

What if all other sellers pay for the same priority? Who will be prioritised?

If all other sellers are paying for the same priority, then all of their listings will be prioritized equally. This is the reason why we show what the average prioritisation in the category is,  so that the sellers can optimise their Spotlight ads accordingly. We recommend that sellers buy at least 25% priority over the average in the category.

If there are undelivered clicks, will I get the priority Coins refunded too?

Yes. All undelivered clicks will be refunded to you at the end of the campaign. For example, if you spent 300 coins for 100 clicks, and an additional 100 coins for priority, the cost per click would be 4 coins per click. If only 50 clicks were delivered, you will be refunded 200 coins in total.


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